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We all want to ensure we leave the planet in a better shape for our kids than we found it

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Whether you're moving into a new home or you just want to see if there's a cheaper or a more sustainable alternative

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If you' d like us to help you with selecting a better utility, click "Please assist me", and provide us with some basic details

Transfer Gecko Utilities is an invite only service, we will ask you for some details and then you will be invited to check out the offers available. Normally your Realtor or Letting Agent would provide us your details or you can submit them above, click "Please Assist Me"


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  • Ahmed, tenant
    Thank you very much for the follow-up and confirmation. You have provided excellent service throughout this process.
    Ahmed, tenant
  • James, tenant
    You've been a pleasure to deal with and I appreciate how helpful you have been in resolving this matter.
  • Kerry O'Brien
    Transfer Gecko Utilities allows us to concentrate on our core business, they look after the utilities at a property for our tenants, landlords and new buyers. It saves us time and effort.
    Kerry O'Brien
    Lansdowne Partnership
  • Avril, Realtor
    I don’t know how I managed before. You are wonderful 😊
    Avril, Realtor
    MOD Realty

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